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Interview Bridget Regan pour The Torch Online
posté par le 11 Feb 2010
0 commentaire(s) | catégorie(s): Bridget Regan

Bridget est interviewé par le site The Torch Online. Elle y parle de ses projets pour la St Valentin ainsi que de l'épisode "Torn" (Attention Spoiler).

TheTorchOnlne: I have to tell you, I tweeted that I was interviewing you, and my inbox was overwhelmed. I received hundreds of suggested questions!

Bridget Regan: Well, I’m on Twitter, so I’ve got everybody in communication.

TTO: Do you read what people write about you online?

BR: I read your reviews!

TTO: We’re flattered!

BR: I don’t always hop on and read everything because of time, but I grew up in the theater, and I really miss that audience response that you get in a house that’s full of people. That’s been the hardest thing for me in doing television and film.

The job I did before this was a comedy, and you can tell on stage whether a joke lands or not, whether they laugh or are asleep in the front row. So I often ache for that sort of feedback: do they like what we’re doing, do they buy it?

I don’t have time [to read online stuff], but my manager does email me [stuff]. I did like [TheTorchOnline.com's] reference to my “Star Trek hooker outfit”! I thought that was hilarious — I love it!

I have to say, there are some days when I look down at what I’m wearing and I’m like, “What the hell!? Look at what I’m wearing — look at how ridiculous this is!” The wardrobe people look at me and say, “No, you look fabulous.”

And then I look around, and it fits in with the world, and it’s a costume, and I love it. But it does feel a bit out-of-body.

TTO: I wanted to ask you about your new costume this season, which, needless to say, is very popular.

BR: Yeah, it’s funny, because it looks so different from how Kahlan looked before, but the funny part about it is a lot of it I’ve always worn. I’ve always worn this corset under my white dress. The belt I’ve always worn, I’ve always worn black boots — they did extend them up for me, because I was really into the thigh-high boot look.

She has a skirt that she’s worn, but I’ve kind of said, “Well, Kahlan ripped and slipped it, so she could get her high kicks in.” We collaborate, the costumer, Jane Holland, who is a fricking legend, I just adore her. We collaborated on it, and the new jacket is the same cut as the traveling coat, and it was like [Kahlan] ripped out the lining of it and cut it short.

I wanted to make her more of a warrior, making it more practical. Some days I’m out in the woods in my white dress, and I [was] thinking, “Could there be anything more ridiculous?” Everybody always asks, “How do you keep that white dress so white?”

Anyway, I wanted it to be more fighter-friendly, and it really is. And it’s bad-ass, and I like the idea of Cara rubbing off on her too, [even though] she should hate this woman, this Mord-Sith. That’s the best part of the show for me right now.

[Suite de l'interview]

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